Sunday, November 29, 2009

my humbling ride

A short, first-person news story from earlier this month: An insurance company strapped me in a heavy, restrictive suit to mimic the challenges older drivers face as their bodies and reflexes fail them.

Several older readers of the newspaper I write for, the North County Times, told me the story was an unfair shot at them. That's not what I intended, of course. Still, the messenger is sometimes left bleeding. At least one commenter on the story online thought I should have died in the car I drove. Would have made for a more interesting story, he said.

I thought it was pretty interesting as is. Take a look:

Venturing into the blogosphere

Feels like I'm jumping off a cliff, hoping the water below is deep and not too cold. I guess I'll know soon enough.
Of course, sitting on the rock while others leap wildly isn't fun. It's safe. And typically you live to see another day. But can one truly live that way?
I don't really know what I'll write here. Or why I feel compelled to start.
But I figure I'll pass along some of what I believe is a blessed life -- one that finds me spending much of my time with my wife Jennifer, my dog Copper, family and friends across San Diego County, California and sometimes beyond.
Should be a fun leap!